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ROC USA Strategic Plan

Our plan for 2015-2018


   In June 2015, the ROC USA® Board of Directors approved its three-year Strategic Plan. This was the final step in an 18-month process to engage stakeholders from all parts of our work to help refine ROC USA’s direction for the next three years. 

   We began with dozens of discussions about ROC USA’s first seven years — lessons learned, hurdles overcome, victories secured and evaluation in relation to our first strategic plan. We mined the collective experience of our Board and two consultants, the ingenuity of our staff and Network affiliates, the input of industry leaders, and the insights and interests of our ultimate “clients” — the Members and Leaders of resident-owned communities across the country.

   The result is a concise summary of the main avenues we will use to make resident ownership viable nationwide while enhancing the ROCs we already serve.

   We developed this plan in order to clearly define a set of specific goals and outcomes for the next three years. That not only puts us all on the same page in terms of vision and direction, but also creates a work plan so we can create strategies to turn those goals into accomplishments.

   While this plan is the foundation for our work to come, it is intended to be a fluid document — one that will surely be adapted over its lifespan to better meet the needs of our social venture and the homeowners we serve.

   ROC USA welcomes input, suggestions and evaluations of this plan — we have set up a discussion group in ROC Talk specifically for this purpose. And, please visit this page for regular updates on our progress. We have also created a dashboard for this plan that evaluates our progress on each goal we all developed. Click here to read the most recent update.

   To view the Strategic Plan, click on the cover photo above. To download a print-quality version, click here.


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